Review: About Facebook’s roots

8. July 2010

In the recent weekend edition of the Süddeutsche Zeitung: a review of Brömmling’ review Ben Mezrich’s “Accidental Billionaires” – a book about the origins of today’s most successful online network in the world. Zuckerberg should start thinking about founding a Facebook Foundation …

sz Vom Nerd zum Milliardär 3.7.2010

Brömmling about “Isla de la Plata”

1. July 2010

Brömmling does not only write on foundations and communication. In the recent issue of the journal ZOON there is an article on the blue-footed boobies – and other fantastic stories about the Ecuadorian “Silver Island”. The pictures are mostly by the Norwegian artist and photographer Stine Gonsholt.

zoon_nr2-2010_isla de la plata

Brömmling reviews Vilim Vasata’s biography

25. May 2010

In the Pentecostal’s Süddeutsche Zeitung Brömmling you will find Brömmling’s review Vilim Vasata’s biography “Gaukler Gambler und Gestalter” Vilim Vasata is one of the greatest advertising minds in Germany and has also written international PR and advertising history: Camel, Dr. Oetker, Vittel and many others…

Read the review in Business page 36

Brö relaunched

29. April 2010

Relaunch of Brö At the new site, you will find a variety of information about foundations and the nonprofit-sector; plus an overview over Brömmling’s most recent projects. read more

Brömmling’s Blog started

29. April 2010

Brömmling has just started his blog this Thursday.

Brömmling’s Blog will contain information, remarks and comments about the foundation world and the non-profit-sector in general. First comments will be posted from the Annual Meeting of German Foundations, which will take place in the first week of May in Frankfurt/Main. Sorry, but this blog is only written in German.


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